Global Forte recruits professionals with world-class business experience and technical expertise, including technical strategists, knowledge-management consultants, network security and information risk management specialists, application-development experts, and best-in-class technologists. It does not recruit for the job opening or a particular position as it hires the best even if that means creating a new position.

Forte is fully committed to ongoing training and employee development and growth. Its corporate culture inherently encourages creativity and innovation, and allows employees ample opportunity for professional and personal growth. Continual investment is made in improving employee knowledge, capabilities, core competencies and skill sets. By combining extensive employee knowledge, corporate good will and utilization of virtual partners, Forte establishes the framework for personal and professional growth, employee retention and increased return on investment.

A diversified cultural synergy remains one of the primary factors contributing to the success of Global Forte: integrity, excellence, continuous improvement, and entrepreneurial spirit and a commitment to its people. Forte's culture is its most important differentiator and competitive advantage. Forte intends to continue to attract and retain the best people - who anticipate change and stay at the forefront of market trends, knowledge, and technology - and who together help position Forte as the world-wide partner-of-choice in integrated business and technology services.

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