Global Forte is a product and consulting company that specializes in the developing and marketing of high technology products, technology infrastructure and services in international markets.

Global Forte is a provider of integrated business, technology development and consulting in the areas of strategy, solutions and professional services across the globe.

We provide:

  • High-level expertise in international high-tech business development
  • Channel development
  • Distribution and procurement strategies
  • Marketing of high-tech products and services

Our focus is exclusively on client/server technology and system integration practices. Forte is a leader in providing an open systems approach and positioning emerging technologies such as:

  • Rapidly Developed Applications and Internet-based Solutions
  • Broadband Wireless Communications
  • Systems Integration
  • Information Security
  • Hosting
Forte's strategy captures the essence of its new business. With the combined Best-in-class Technology Professionals managing those systems, it has the talent, expertise and experience to help companies and organizations renew themselves and achieve a higher level of creativity and performance.

The name Forte conveys the rebirth of its best-in-class professionals. It is marked by a holistic approach to the business, technology, and professional services that companies require to stay competitive with a cutting edge, delivering value with the highest quality and consistency, while running an organization at peak performance. Forte's skills span a wide spectrum:

  • Business Strategists helping to define the client organization's destination and the performance goals that will help get it there;
  • Knowledge Management Consultants leveraging corporate assets that speed performance;
  • Application Development Experts building state-of-the-art computer and networking systems;
  • Best-in-class Technology Professionals managing those systems;
and the most powerful, experienced, and innovative delivery management organization in the industry.

Statement: Global Forte is the enabler to its clients in achieving their competitive advantage to compete more effectively in the knowledge era by providing high-level expertise in international high-tech business development, channel development, distribution and procurement strategies, and marketing of high tech products and services.

With its headquarters in Istanbul, Turkey and branch offices in Dubai and U.S.A., Global Forte enjoys a rather special location at the crossroads between East and West, overlapping Europe geographically. The proximity to the new emerging markets in the Middle East and Central Asia creates unique business opportunities not only for the company, but also for its clients.