Technical Expertise

Vision: To be the leader in providing integrated business and technology services throughout the world. Forte is the enabler to its clients in achieving their competitive advantage to compete more effectively in the knowledge era.

Mission: To understand and meet the needs of its client organizations; the goals of its employees, partners and consultants; and to deliver superior service to each, on a day-to-day basis, and to ultimately provide its clients with the leading edge information technology products and services while moving them into the 21st century.

Partnership: Forte is prepared to partner with its local clients and consultants to ensure success, quality, and timeliness. Together, Forte develops an integrated project team of complementary skills and competencies that shares expertise, transfers critical knowledge, and strives to support its client organizations' ability to develop, implement and maintain their IT operations efficiently and cost-effectively.

Service Excellence: Forte provides a full range of integrated business and technology development and consulting services. From small to large-scale engagements, its professionals apply a customized approach to ensure service excellence. Forte positions itself to provide superior service by knowing its potential customer, understanding their business and industry pressures, and applying information technology to enhance their competitive advantage.

Focus: Through Forte's commitment to innovation and change, Forte proactively and continuously identifies better ways to serve its clients, partners, consultants and employees - thereby establishing a leadership position in the industry. Forte management and front-line employees work in alignment to continuously learn and understand:

  • What trends are influencing Forte's clients and their marketplace?
  • What service opportunities will Forte's client's value tomorrow?
  • How will Forte, through innovation, deliver these services?
  • How will Forte consistently remain as 'partner-of-choice' with its clients?