Business Systems Solutions

The shift toward knowledge working requires new methods of integrating solutions to unleash high performance. Global Forte develops innovative ways to combine knowledge and technology to create business processes that are agile, expert, anticipatory, and high performing. The primary areas of focus for Forte's solutions include:

Enterprise Resource Management
Strategic management and enterprise applications - such as the enterprise resource planning (ERP) expertise - help client organization become a knowledge-based competitor that can operate more effectively on a regional or global basis, innovate for future growth, and understand how to manage the strategic drivers of the client's particular business.

Knowledge Management
Knowledge-generating applications help clients implement an appropriate capability that supports the generation and use of knowledge, enhancing productivity in their core business processes and creating knowledge communities to establish and sustain competitive advantage.

Customer Management
Sales and marketing effectiveness, electronic business, and customer care solutions help client field a knowledge-based organization, allowing the client to move from reactive to anticipatory, deepening its understanding of its customer, building customer loyalty, and driving innovative product and service offerings.

Technology Management
Information technology management, architecture, Internet/intranet, electronic commerce, security, and related systems and network solutions help clients chart and deploy an effective infrastructure, and make the transition from a transactional approach to high-performance networks that connect knowledge workers.

In summary, Global Forte has emerged as a best-in-class provider of the following business and technology solutions:

  • Enterprise Management
  • Customer Management
  • IT Strategy and Management
  • Networking and Security
  • Knowledge Management and Enabling Technologies
  • Electronic Commerce