File and Folder Encryption

Forte offers simple solutions to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of your credentials.

  • Forte provides easy-to-use file encryption functionalities, which enable users to secure the confidentiality of data for personal storage as well as for exchange with colleagues, partners, customers or personal relations.


  • Intuitive and simple protection by a password
  • Strong encryption and decryption of files and directory trees
  • Simple distribution with executables for decryption
  • Deletion of the originals from hard disk and disk cache after encryption

It is based on the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), which is a symmetric-key cryptosystem. This means that encryption and decryption is performed by means of the same key or password.

Forte's Authenticated File System

Forte's Authenticated File System solution is based on the RSA encryption standards, which is an asymmetric key cryptosystem, where encryption and decryption is performed by means of a public/private key pair. The system therefore relies on the presence of user certificates (i.e., all users of the system must have a certificate, also known as a digital ID - issued by a CA).

Forte's solution targets the need for:

  • Sharing sensitive data on an intranet between selected groups of employees
  • Authenticating files using digital signatures
  • Encrypting files and folders using electronic certificates on the local machine with a controlled back-door built in
  • Exchanging encrypted files, encrypted with certificates or passwords

Authenticated File System gives added value for customers deploying electronic certificates by using certificates instead of passwords for encryption on machines of individual employees. It also allows efficient and secure exchange of documents between persons in different organizations using electronic certificates, while preserving the possibility for encrypting using a password.