Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Our Solutions

Forte provides PKI solutions with a scaleable platform to provide secure user authentication, data confidentiality, data integrity, and non-repudiation. PKI can be applied to allow users to use insecure networks in a secure and private way.

PKI protects your information assets in several essential ways:

  • Authenticate identity: Digital certificates issued as part of your PKI allow individual users, organizations, and web site operators to confidently validate the identity of each party in an Internet transaction.
  • Verify integrity: A digital certificate ensures that the message or document the certificate 'signs' has not been changed or corrupted in transit online.
  • Ensure privacy: Digital certificates protect information from interception during Internet transmission.
  • Authorize access: PKI digital certificates replace easily guessed and frequently lost user IDs and passwords to streamline intranet log-in security and reduce the MIS overhead.
  • Authorize transactions: With PKI solutions, your enterprises can control access privileges for specified online transactions.
  • Support for non-repudiation: Digital certificates validate their users' identities, making it nearly impossible to later repudiate a digitally 'signed' transaction, such as a purchase made on a web site.