Secure Communications Architecture

Forte helps organizations to secure company related communications and provides services to protect company core values. Our solutions also protect your private data from being modified as well as being disclosed by dissatisfied company workers or other third parties.

Network Protection Stop Spam, Viruses, and Hackers Before They Enter Your E-mail Network

As the volume of e-mail flowing over your corporate network increases, so does the risk of intrusion by unsolicited and potentially malicious external sources.

Forte helps customers to improve their employee productivity and reduces their liabilities and risks by adding a vital layer of anti-virus, anti-spam, and anti-hacker security to existing firewalls and VPNs without requiring changes to their enterprise.

  • Anti-Spam: Blocks unwanted e-mail that creates significant problems in terms of legal liability, lost employee productivity, and strained network and IT resources
  • Anti-Virus: Detects and kills damaging viruses and code that can cripple the network, bringing everyday operations to a screeching halt and resulting in millions of lost dollars
  • Anti-Hacker: Stops brute force and dictionary attacks that harvest e-mail addresses for spam, and spammers attempting to use your e-mail servers to relay spam to others

Solutions for protecting customers' networks are based on Messaging Management System, the industry's leading e-mail firewall for protecting, monitoring and intelligently routing corporate messaging traffic.

E-mail Compliance Ensure Compliance with Industry, Government, and Corporate Regulations

Without visibility and control over the information entering and leaving the corporate e-mail network, organizations risk legal liability, regulatory violations and penalties, abuse of e-mail resources, competitive threats, and loss of priceless information assets.

Forte helps the organizations to protect against these damaging - and costly - risks with a comprehensive, flexible set of filtering, monitoring, archiving, and reporting capabilities.

By applying the e-mail policies defined, these solutions:

  • Enforce communications policies that ensure compliance with HIPAA privacy and security regulations, financial industry regulations, and corporate policies
  • Reduce legal liability by identifying messages that include potentially risky language, like 'guaranteed return' in financial services or Protected Health Information in healthcare
  • Protect intellectual capital by scanning messaging content to prevent sensitive information from leaving your corporate network
  • Cut operational costs by reducing the need for manual review and archiving

Forte provides solutions for ensuring e-mail compliance through the Messaging Management System, the industry's leading e-mail policy application for protecting, monitoring and intelligently routing corporate messaging traffic.

Secure Communication Secure E-mail Communications with Your Customers, Partners, and Suppliers

The speed and cost advantages of communicating via e-mail are indisputable. Yet, when exchanging important business information, many organizations still rely on physical communication methods because standard e-mail does not provide the reliability, tracking, and security they demand.

With encryption, authentication, tracking, and intelligent routing capabilities, Forte presents solutions to eliminate the security concerns that surround e-mail, enabling your organization to:

  • Improve customer service by using secure e-mail to communicate sensitive customer information, and to deliver confidential data and documents
  • Create secure partner networks for exchanging sensitive business information, such as contract negotiations, design and manufacturing specifications, and security offerings
  • Offer portals that provide secure e-mail services, enable secure customer, partner, and/or supplier communication with the organization about business-critical issues
Automated Delivery Automate and Secure Online Delivery of High-Volume Information and Documents to Employees, Customers, and Partners

Every year, businesses and government agencies spend billions of dollars printing and mailing official documents, such as financial statements, trade confirmations, PIN numbers, medical information, and other sensitive data. Forte helps enterprises to move these paper processes online.

Through integrating seamlessly with existing back-end business applications and legacy systems, Forte presents reliable solutions for enterprises to automatically extract, format, and securely deliver information to any Internet user with a standard e-mail program and a Web browser. As a result, enterprises can use their applications and networks to:

  • Safely deliver confidential information and statements, such as trade confirmations, PIN numbers, financial statements, orders and invoices, remittances, and medical lab results
  • Safely deliver confidential files and documents, including prospectuses, annual reports, product plans, contracts, loan documents, prescriptions, and medical records
  • Drastically lower costs by replacing paper statements and bulk mailings with online deliveries

Automated delivery solutions provided by Forte are based on Integrated Messaging which is the leading messaging application server for securing, tracking, and automating communications between an enterprise and its suppliers, partners and customers.

Forte allows enterprises to use Integrated Messaging in order to:

  • Answer inbound customer support e-mail that contains sensitive information, instead of using the telephone or regular mail
  • Comply with government regulations (GLB, SEC, NASDAQ, HIPAA, etc.) surrounding the electronic transport of private information
  • Securely deliver electronic versions of documents that were previously printed and mailed
  • Track the delivery of business critical messages
  • Enable secure e-mail exchanges with rapid adoption and no additional support burden