Secure File Transfer

Whether you are moving a million dollars or a million-transistor chip design, electronic transactions and data need to be delivered securely and reliably. Traditionally, transferring files between remote locations or different organizations has meant relying on leased lines or Value-Added Networks (VANs). But the cost and complexity involved has fueled a move away from these dedicated infrastructures, as organizations are increasingly exchanging EDI files and sensitive data using the Internet and their own IP networks. Many of the world's leading banks, insurers, government agencies and Fortune 500 companies trust Global Forte's secure file transfer solutions to securely and reliably transfer files between their back-end applications, remote offices, customers, partners and suppliers.

Key Features of Global Forte's Secure File Transfer Solution:

  • File transfers over SFTP and HTTPS
  • Standards-based data security using SSL/TLS
  • Guaranteed file delivery with strong integrity checking
  • Mid-file transfer recovery
  • Multi-gigabyte file size support
  • Firewall-friendly client-server architecture
  • Intuitive interactive interfaces
  • Efficient easy-to-use automation and scripting
  • Digitally signed audit trail using EDIINT MDNs
  • Multiple authentication methods, including passwords, certificates, and single-sign-on integration
  • Portal integration and branding
  • Enterprise class architecture

Benefits of Global Forte's Secure File Transfer Solution:

  • More reliable than FTP
  • Protects data in transit and in the DMZ
  • Transparently encrypts stored data
  • Cuts private network/VPN costs
  • Increases efficiency through automation
  • Provides demonstrable, quick ROI
  • Eliminates need for paper proof
  • Improves regulatory compliance
  • Lowers Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)