Security Auditing

Information, like any other important business asset, has a great value for enterprises, and consequently needs to be suitably protected. Information can exist in many forms. It can be printed, written on paper, stored electronically, and transmitted by post or electronic means. Whatever forms the information takes, or means by which it is shared or stored, it should always be appropriately protected.

Information security goals are summarized as follows:
  • Confidentiality: ensuring that information is accessible only to authorized users
  • Integrity: safeguarding the accuracy and completeness of information and processing methods
  • Availability: ensuring that authorized users have access to information and associated assets when required

Forte provides four main services about offering you awareness against security attacks towards your core values:

A. Information Security Assessment

Forte's security assessment will encompass the following studied areas:

  • Risk Assessment for the management
  • Technical and operational controls
  • Network Vulnerability Assessment for the technical controls
  • Existing security policies review (if they are in place)
B. Security Policies
  • Assess current management controls
  • Assess current operational controls
  • Assess current technical controls
  • Locate and identify existing vulnerabilities
  • Analyze the above-inspected controls existing in your organization
  • Review Security Policies
C. Implementation and Training
  • Implementing the designed and tested security improvements
  • Training everybody within the organization, including the technical personnel
  • Providing awareness training
  • Helping everybody within the organization to understand the expectations of management
D. Auditing and Review
  • Review and audit the company environment using advanced technologies
  • Perform penetration tests: Using the latest scanning and hacking tools to find any holes that a local or external hacker could find