Trust Platforms

As mainstream acceptance of Internet e-business grows, vendors and forward-looking companies continue to push the envelope on how the Internet can be leveraged to reach new markets and new customers, improve supply-chain efficiencies, expand and better support business partner relationships, and respond more rapidly to changing market dynamics. Automating business processes across the extended enterprise can enable companies to operate more efficiently, increase revenues, and often gain significant competitive advantage.

Extranet VPNs

Extranets are networks linking the intranets of various companies to subsequently connect business partners such as suppliers, distributors and customers. The Internet has proven to be the most cost-effective method to provide anytime, anywhere access to intranet resources and extranets have already become the platform of choice for more than 80 percent of B2B e-commerce (Gartner) and are key to enhancing as well as furthering the globalized economy.

Secure XML Web Services Gateway

Web Services is an evolving XML-based model that defines a distributed computing environment that enables companies to deliver their applications more effectively over the Internet. Web Services are expected to revolutionize e-business such that companies can dynamically form e-partnerships and deliver improved levels of service to their customers and business partners.