With almost 20 years of experience, Cryptomathic is one of the world's leading providers of security solutions helping organizations with its best-of-breed security software, consultancy, and complete security solutions. Combined with a unique market-oriented understanding of e-Business needs, Cryptomathic is one of the oldest and most experienced data security companies in the world. Cryptomathic has been involved in the design and implementation of numerous security systems and is consulted by major companies from around the world, foremost Europe and USA. Cryptomathic's customers are typically telecommunication companies, banks/financial organizations, software vendors and system integrators.

Cryptomathic PKI Products

Cryptomathic Authenticator
Cryptomathic Authenticator is a secure web authentication solution. Alongside traditional static username and passwords it provides strong two-factor authentication with tamper resistant hardware protection of all keys. Options for authentication methods are endless and include SMS, one-time passwords (OTP), secure tokens, mobile readers and cards, scrape-off tokens etc. Cryptomathic Authenticator is easily integrated with existing back-end systems and infrastructure.
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Cryptomathic CardInk is an EMV data preparation system, which is used for issuing single- and multi- application smart cards. Based on an input file, which contains information on cardholders, Cryptomathic CardInk generates the application data to be stored on the card - including all cryptographic data.
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CardInk ID
Cryptomathic CardInk ID is a third-generation data preparation system for generating the logical data structure (LDS) for ePassports. With LDS, the ePassport data is structured in a standardised way designed to pave the migration path and meet future requirements imposed through the ICAO standard. CardInk ID ensures secure data generation and cryptographic key management based on the citizen's record files.
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Cryptomathic Certification Authority
The Cryptomathic Certification Authority (CCA) is an enabling service, which makes it possible to secure business transactions. The main purpose of the CCA is to issue and manage the certificates of users, service providers, applications and applicances.
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Cryptomathic ePassport Suite
Cryptomathic is a market leader in ePassport issuing and inspection and our customers include major governments and complete solution providers.
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Cryptomathic File2File
File2File is an easy-to-use encryption solution, which enables users to secure data for personal storage as well as for exchange between colleagues, partners, customers or personal relations. With its basic but effective authentication relying on only one password shared by all initiated parties, File2File is the perfect ad-hoc solution independent of any specialised security infrastructure.

Cryptomathic Key Management System
The Cryptomathic Key Management System (CMKS) allows our clients to seamlessly and securely push keys to where they need to be. Key management is a discipline which requires strict user management and enforced procedures. CKMS gives your organisation the flexibility necessary to manage a very large number of keys - throughout their entire life cycle - without drowning in work.
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Cryptomathic OCSP Responder
The Cryptomathic OCSP Responder delivers OCSP services to the most demanding applications. It combines best-in-class security with high performance and availability, whilst integrating seamlessly with new or existing PKI deployments.
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Cryptomathic PrimeInk Toolkits
Cryptomathic's PrimeInk Toolkits secure a wide variety of business applications ranging from secure data storage and communication, to trusted web-based forms. The toolkits provide high performance and portable code, compliant with industry standard algorithms and cover cryptographic functions from low-level to more specific technologies such as digital signatures.
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Cryptomathic Signer
Cryptomathic Signer offers secure signing for web services, e.g. Internet banking and public services/e-Government. It combines strong authentication with mobile digital signatures without trading off security. With Signer users are able to sign legally binding electronic transactions securely from anywhere; all they need is an Internet terminal.
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Cryptomathic Time Stamping Authority
With Cryptomathic Time Stamping Authority a unique and unforgeable time stamp can be assigned to any piece of digital data. The time stamp provides proof that this particular data existed at a certain point in time.
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Cryptomathic Secure Memorizer
Secure Memorizer is a small application developed by Cryptomathic for storing PINs and passwords on a Palm Organiser™ or a Pocket PC in a secure and easily accessible way. The industry standard, AES, is used for the encryption which enhances the security of the application.