Digifort is an IP camera surveillance software, developed by a team of highly-qualified professionals working to increase more and more the security of its clients, supplying surveillance tools of high reliability, performance and ease-of-use. Digifort is now not only a digital camera surveillance system, but a complete solution for the management of cameras, automation and access control, thus providing the complete solution for the security and automation of its clients.

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Digifort Camera Surveillance System

Surveillance and recording software for closed-circuit TV based on TCP/IP networks with the ability to control and view images of IP or analog cameras connected by video servers or codifiers, as well as to record the images for later selective search and retrieval.

The software has a friendly graphic interface based on Windows and display of screens, functions, menus, help windows and manuals in the chosen language and is also available in four versions to meet the needs of the market.

Digifort Enterprise

The Enterprise version is the package that comprises all of the features available in the Digifort System, offering total management of unlimited cameras and alarm devices, and is ideal for any company that wants total control of its security project, guaranteeing high performance, reliability and scalability.

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Digifort Professional

The Professional version supplies the ideal features for the local and remote surveillance of up to 64 cameras per server, making it ideal for small, middle and large-sized installations, guaranteeing a robust installation, with high reliability and excellent performance at a compatible cost.

Digifort Standard

The Standard version supplies the ideal features for the local and remote surveillance of up to 32 cameras per server and by being the intermediate version of the Digifort System, it's ideal for small and mid-sized installations, as it brings together a solution of high reliability, excellent performance and low cost.

Digifort Explorer

The Explorer version supplies the essential features for the local and remote surveillance of up to 16 cameras per server and by being the basic version of the Digifort System, it's ideal for small office/home office (SOHO) or in small businesses, as it brings together a solution of high reliability, excellent performance and low cost.

Digifort Analytics

The video Analytics module is one of the latest products announced by Digifort which has the following characteristics and capabilities:

  • Analysis of the changes in the scene.
  • Identification of the objects that are added to or removed from the scene.
  • Determination of the directional changes for the objects in the scene.
  • Acting on predetermined actions.

Digifort LPR System

The Digifort LPR System is one of the most-awaited features by the clients of Digifort which handles the recognition of vehicle license plates in low and high velocities. With LPR, it will be possible to store and manage vehicle plates, having a data bank of Digifort's own, capable of being integrated with third-party systems for the analysis of data referring to vehicles. In addition, LPR allows the user to take measures when a registered plate is identified.

Digifort Keyboard Controller

The keyboard controller Digifort DGF-KB1000 was developed to give greater speed and facilitate the entire operation of the Digifort surveillance, eliminating keyboard, mouse and joystick. The keyboard is a multi-use with dual functions and has an integrated joystick with variable speed pan, tilt and PTZ functions.
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Digifort Biopass

The BioPass is integrated equipment in Digifort that allows control of system logins via biometrics. The biometric login eliminates leakage problems, management, and loss of passwords and even strengthens the security of the system.

Digifort Mobile

Digifort Mobile allows the users to access the cameras of the Digifort server directly from their cell phone at any moment and in any place. By way of technologies like 3G and Wireless, it is now possible to view the images of the cameras that are being managed by Digifort connecting directly to the server, with an intuitive configuration and easy installation of Digifort Mobile.
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Digifort Evidence

Digifort, once again thinking of quality and ease of execution of the client's processes, presents its most recent launch - Digifort Evidence. This is an optional module of the Digifort system which allows the classification and documentation of events that occurred in the surveillance system, including the archiving and organization of video footage and any files related to the occurrence for later look-up, and the generation of administrative and statistical reports.
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Digifort I/O Board

The Commbox devices offer a fast and efficient way of remotely controlling other devices by way of a TCP/IP net and can be used for the surveillance of remote units, such as schools, health centers, hospitals, sports centers, banks, supermarkets, public installations, or any other environment that needs special surveillance.
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