Systems Infrastructure and Design

Many organizations are daunted by the challenges of integrating their technology infrastructures with their business processes. They are fearful of trying to knit together multiple legacy applications with manual and, in many cases, outdated business processes, and they are limited by outmoded IT infrastructures and, worse yet, inflexible IT governance models within their organizations. Often, organizations find it difficult to stay the course for the long term. They tend to misjudge these efforts as primarily IT projects and fail to require the participation of the business beneficiaries who really should be leading these efforts.

In the end, however, the benefits are worth the risks. The benefits include reduced costs through more-efficient business processes, reduced operational risk, improved data quality, improved employee morale, reduced time to market for application development and, most important, more opportunities to collaborate electronically with your customers for value-added exchanges. Therefore, it is crucial that a strategic business and technology plan be accomplished in order to deploy the right broadband wireless and mobility technologies that will meet the mission critical business objectives.